Alright snake breeders, today we’re covering everything you need to know to successfully breed ball pythons! These incredible snakes have become popular pets due to their docile nature. But getting them to reproduce takes some specific conditions and know-how.

In this guide, we’ll walk through preparing adults, mating, incubating eggs, hatchling care, and more. Let’s get started!


Hailing from Africa, ball pythons are known for laying around 5 relatively large leathery eggs per clutch. Their incredible variety of colors and patterns makes their babies highly sought after by reptile enthusiasts.

Preparing Adults for Breeding

You’ll need to get male and female ball pythons ready for mating season:

Selecting a Pair

Choose a compatible male and female over 3 years old and at least 1200g and 700g respectively.

Conditioning & Cycling

After winter cooling of around 60°F, cycle lighting and temperature to trigger breeding mode.

Mating & Egg Laying

Once introduced, the male will copulate with the female until ovulation.

Introducing for Mating

Place male and female together until copulation occurs – this may take hours or days.


Females lay eggs about 30-50 days after mating. Average is 4-6 eggs.

Incubating the Eggs

Keep the eggs warm and humid for 60 days until hatching:

Incubation Setup

Use a plastic shoebox with vented lid, perlite, and thermometer/hygrometer.

Ideal Conditions

Maintain 88-90°F and humidity around 60-70%.


Expect pipping after 50+ days. Hatching may take 24+ hours. Remove shells.

Caring for Hatchlings

Raise the babies properly by:


House individually in 10-20 gallon enclosures with adequate hides, water, and climbing opportunities.


Offer appropriately sized frozen/thawed rodents starting with pinky mice.

Health & Monitoring

Weigh regularly, watch for sheds, and look for any signs of illness.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Egg Binding

Provide nest box, increase humidity, and seek vet assistance if binding occurs.

Infertile Eggs

Ensure proper cycling, vet health checks, and age over 3 years old.

Hatchling Health

Isolate any sick hatchlings, boost temperatures, and consult a reptile vet promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ball Python Breeding

After winter cooling, cycle temperatures and lighting to ready adults for breeding. Introduce them until copulation, then incubate eggs properly.

Breeding primarily occurs from September-November. Females can produce clutches annually once mature at 3-4 years old.

Oviposition happens around 30-50 days after the pre-lay shed which occurs post-mating.

While peak breeding is in their native rainy season, cycling lighting and temperatures can stimulate breeding year-round.

There you have it – let me know if you have any other ball python breeding questions! I hope this guide helps you hatch some happy, healthy baby snakes.