Karma (Double Het T+/T- Albino)

On Hold
2022 male juvenile Karma (double het for both T+/T- albino) that I produced from Matt Turner (Selective Origins) stock. Still very nervous when handled.. Experience with defensive animals recommended. $375 shipped to your nearest FedEx Center for pickup!
United States
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CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
About Arrowhead Serpents
I have been breeding various reptiles since the early 2000's. Started with leopard geckos and then switched to colubrids and boas. Started getting into Pythons in 2010 and never looked back. My current focus is on breeding high quality genetic striped and banded morphs of P. brongersmai.
Arrowhead Serpents Store Policy
All animals are guaranteed to be -Healthy. -Fed at least 5 times on their own. -Genetically labeled and identified correctly. -Exactly the animal you see in the picture(s).Payment in full required before shipping. Payments accepted through PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. Buyer is responsible for shipping fees. Shipping quotes available upon request.Payment Plans: Payment plans will be made available on a case by case basis and require a 25% non-refundable deposit. Once the initial deposit has been made and a payment plan has been agreed upon, the snake(s) will be taken off the market and placed on hold. Once the last payment has been made I will then consider the animal(s) sold and start the shipping process.Payment Plan: 30 days: $100.00- $599.99 60 days: $600.00 - $999.99 90 days: $1,000.00 +Payment Plan Starts On The Day Of The Deposit.If you are unable to complete your plan for any reason, all funds except for the initial 25% deposit will be refunded. Failure to complete your purchase agreement nullifies your transaction.Ships Priority Overnight through Fedex Mon-Wed (weather permitting) to the nearest staffed FedEx facility.Live Arrival Guarantee Temperatures must be between 40-90ºF on both ends. Someone must be there to sign for shipment. Someone is required to notify me within an hour to ensure that the animal arrived safely. Packages held for pickup must be picked up by 10:30am destination time. If the animal is DOA, the customer must notify me within an hour of receiving the animal. The time will be determined by the stamped delivery provided by carrier. An email, or text with a photo attached of the actual animal must be received within that hour or all guarantees are void.Please feel free to contact me via email at ahserpents@gmail.com

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