Amazing Key West Motley F1!

by Bitchin’ Boas
Updated: March 25, 2024
May 30, 2023 Key West Motley Female. She was produced by my June 2017 Key West Motley girl and my June 2019 Key West IMG PDMT 50% Poss Het Anery 1 boy.Key West Motleys have some of best tails and the coolest eyes out there!$450 SYR / Pro Shipping Shipped!Discounts apply for multiple boas.
United States
Unique I.D.
Year Produced
No Trades
CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
About Bitchin’ Boas
Boa keeper and breeder with focus on Leopard combos.
Bitchin’ Boas Store Policy
Boa Sales Terms & Conditions (Please Read Before Agreeing to Buy)There's a 25% down payment to hold a boa. This down payment is not refundable, unless the boa develops a health issue or unfortunately dies before I can ship it to you. I will not ship boas out until they had shed and at least 4 - 5 meals, which I will keep track of and document (I have cards for each boa and keep track of everything). I will start feeding the baby boas that have already had their first shed live fuzzies or hopper mice, and I will keep buyers informed of their boas' progress on a weekly basis with pics if requested.Weather is also a huge factor on when I can ship the babies out, since heat in most cases is worse than cold with boas. Plus, shippers will not guarantee live arrival of animals during the really hot summer days/weeks. This is a basic rule that people should be aware of and understand.Any boa I sell, I guarantee is healthy and why I also hold on to them longer than some breeders. Which means I will guarantee the boa for 7 days after you have received it and I will refund you in full if the boa dies - with written proof from a Veterinarian that the boa died of natural causes / older related issues and not due to mistreatment. Please inform me right away if your boa is experiencing any issues or you have concerns with the boa. I will not ship out a boa that's not eating, is showing signs of weakness or illness. If I see an issue with the boa before I ship it, I will let you know and let you choose another boa (if available) or refund you the down payment in full.I will only guarantee the boa for 7 days since I can't control how the buyer keeps and treats the boas after they receive them from me - heat, housing, feeding, handling etc. This is also why I hold on to them until they’ve had at least 4 - 5 meals, so I know that are good eaters, processing their food and I'm shipping out a healthy boa to you. I hope this makes sense.I accept Zelle, PayPal FF Payments, Credit Card Payments through PayPal and FB Messenger, Venmo Payments and can also take US Postal Money Orders, but I must receive the full asking amount. This means that if you use a credit card to pay me through PayPal, that you pay/cover the small percentage fee that PayPal charges (2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee) for using a credit card as a payment method vs. paying directly from your checking / bank account.As always, feel free to reach out to me to discuss any concerns and payment questions. Thanks so much for your interest in my boas and I really appreciate all of the support. Slav👍

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