Ultramel Motley

Male Ultramel Motley currently being kept by a trusted friend "Fallen Reptiles" She no longer needs it for her projects so she is offering him as a pet or breeder to others. Well established and good feeder
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CB (Captive Born)
About cornucopiaOFcreatures
A family owned business that was born of Rodney's passion for keeping animals specifically reptiles.Ever since Rodney worked as a manager in a local pet store he has held a passion for working with others to keep and care for the animals they love. We are dedicated to producing beautiful high quality animals, while also making those high quality morphs accessible to everyone.
cornucopiaOFcreatures Store Policy
All cornucopiaOFcreatures reptiles will be in outwardly good health and condition, we guarantee gender in that if the animal is incorrectly sexed we will exchange it for a comparable animal that is available not a refund.Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, for domestic (USA) destinations, all snakes we ship will have been voluntarily feeding on unaltered (not scented or manipulated), appropriately-sized frozen/thawed common laboratory mice.All domestic orders with U.S. final destinations will be prepaid by way of Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover credit or debit cards, PAYPAL, money order, cashier’s check or bank wire transfers. Some fees and restrictions may apply to International orders, but only bank wire transfers are accepted for ALL International orders. Checks for domestic orders must be payable to Rodney Hendricks II or cornucopiaOFcreatures "OF" and must clear both banks (yours and mine) prior to shipping. Due to current next-day carrier policy, any live arrival guarantees are honored solely by cornucopiaOFcreatures "OF" – not the carrier. This live arrival policy applies only to shipments with domestic (U.S.) destinations. Since the live arrival guarantee is strictly "OF" policy, please, do not contact the carrier for any reason. Replacement snakes or animals will only be from currently cornucopiaOFcreatures stock or agreed upon future expected animals in the form of a credit with an specific end date of use – no refunds will be issued.Domestic (U.S.) retail orders are shipped using door-to-door service to avoid the hassle of traveling to your airport. We only ship Priority Overnight on Mondays and Wednesdays for respective scheduled next-day delivery, but only if those days are not in conflict with a national holiday, a reptile expo we may attend, and if weather permits. Orders to be shipped on a Monday or Wednesday must be processed prior to 2 pm, eastern time if you specified for us to ship on the day of a Monday or Wednesday order. This domestic door-to-door, next day delivery shipping and handling service is available throughout the contiguous U.S. and will be prepaid to cornucopiaOFcreatures "OF" by the customer prior to shipping. There are no other shipping and handling fees associated with weekday door-to-door, domestic service. (Indiana residents pay 7.50% sales tax for all orders). Animals shipped via door-to-door carriers will be guaranteed to arrive alive only if the package is personally received from the carrier by the customer (or an agent of the customer) on the first delivery attempt. Packages not handed directly to the customer (or agent of the customer) are exempt from our live delivery guarantee, except hold at location which is preferred. Signature waivers or any respective instructions from the customer to leave the box (not personally hand the box to the customer or agent thereof) automatically negate our live arrival guarantee. All shipping fees and terms apply only to retail orders for snakes purchased at our advertised prices. Wholesale orders may have higher shipping fees and will be handled on a one-by-one basis.In cases of delayed deliveries (or other problems associated with orders in transit), please email cornucopiaOFcreatures@gmail.com We routinely monitor email, but should you require personal communication via telephone – regarding your order – request a phone call from us in your email. Be sure to include your telephone number.If any animals are injured or dead, you must notify us within one hour of accepting the shipping box. cornucopiaOFcreatures will not--in any way--guarantee shipments that are delayed or lost by the carrier, but claims may be made directly with the carrier in such rare instances. In the event of dissatisfaction with your order that is not related to transportation, you are responsible for notifying us within 48 hours of flight arrival. If you elect to return the reptile(s), you will be responsible for all expenses required to properly and safely return the reptile(s). The price list on this web site is updated periodically. Prices may change without notice, but never after you make a purchase, of course.