FREE SHIPPING! Leopard LemonBlast p.h. Pied/Albino/Clown

by Critical Combos
Updated: March 28, 2024
Dam: 100% Het Albino/Pied Sire: Super Pastel Leopard Pinstripe Enchi, 100% Het pied 66% Het Clown (clown unproven so chances are very low for her)Admittedly the shyest of the group, Marmalade rarely like to uncurl from her “ball mode”. But of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a little shy! I think she has a lot of personality to unlock if the right person were to invest a lot of time into raising and nurturing this little nugget.Ready to fly✈️!
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About Critical Combos
Here at Critical Combos we are a crazy couple in love with snakes and reptiles just as much as the next person! We keep and breed a wide variety of snakes, mostly consisting of Ball Pythons, but are also working on projects such as Viper Boas, Tri Color Hognoses and many more to come in the future!
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