2022 Female T+ albino 007 Blood Python

This girl has a stellar lineage behind her. She’s from a T+ 007 animal produced by selective origins and a T+ female produced by the blood cell(TBC). This animal has stellar reds for generations on both sides of her tree and can show you lots of pics for serious inquiries. She is not a very sweet snake. She’s very nervous and apt to be defensive. She would do best in experienced hands as she will need someone confident and consistent to get her over this. She eats f/t anything and has never skipped a meal since hatching. She is the only animal from this clutch that behaves this way, the other 19 babies are great to handle.
United States
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No Trades
CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
About Dan Magano snakes
Quality blood and short tail pythons with a focus on stable balanced temperaments, good color, contrast and good health. Been keeping these guys for about 20 years now and began breeding them in 2014.
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Payment plans available on animals $500 and up. 25 percent non refundable deposit to hold, terms on balance will be handled on a case by case basis. Proof of proper set up must be provided if requested. All shipments must go to your local hub for pickup.