Sunglow Amel 100% het Stripe

Traits: Amelanistic
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Starburst is a BEAUTIFUL Sunglow Amel 100% het Stripe.She loves eating and is such a sweetheart as well. Starburst would make a great addition to any breeding program or an amazing pet for a wonderful family.Make Starburst part of your life today!We offer shipping! Email us with any questions or inquiries.
United States
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CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
About Exotic Reptile Creations
We are a small family owned colubrid breeding facility specializing in North American and some Asian rat snakes along with some Pituophis (Mainly Pine Snakes) as well.Rat snakes we are currently working with are corn snake morphs, mainly Butter and Gold Dust combinations and some scaleless ghost stuff. A handful of Eastern rat snake morphs including Lucy (BEL), Calico, and Lightning. We also have a few rat snake species we are raising up such as South Florida Yellow rat snakes (quadravittata) and Japanese rat snakes (climacophora) including albinos and Kunishri Blue phase.Pituophis we are raising up include Southern X Black Pine Cross, Ocean County Northern Pines (Jersey Giant Lineage) and North Mexican Pines (Deppei Jani)We have also recently added California Kingsnakes, African House snakes and some asian rat snakes for some future breeding projects.
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We only accept payment Via Paypal Invoice that will be sent at time of sale and will need to be paid in full before animal(s) will be shipped. Customer will be responsible to pay shipping on all orders.Holds: We do not “hold” animals, however a 50% non-refundable deposit may be made for an animal that is on an arranged payment plan. If buyer fails to pay for the remaining 50% of the animal within the allotted time limit, buyer may be subject to the loss of their deposit for failure to follow terms.Shipping:We offer shipping to the Continental US ONLY!