3.2 CB,2021 (Baubel line,Top of the Line, clean coloring) Lampropeltis Leonis King snakes, Post#5 Also known as Variable Kings. Feeding weekly on frozen/thawed hoppers and small mice. 250.00 each, $375.00 a pair, plus shipping, Female, F2021-02,(27" inches) Female, F2021-05,(28" inches) Male, M2021-06, (30" inches) Male, M2021-09, (29" inches) Male, M2021-69, (31" inches) I can only post 3 pictures on this site, contact for other pictures. (Priority overnight) shipped to your nearest FedEx Shipping Center for pick up. We accept all major credit cards (through PayPal)as well as standard transfers using PayPal. Thanks, Robert Bichler email; rbichler10@aol.com phone, (707)864-8780 cell, or text (510)715-2358