Chocolate Leopard Butter DH Ultramel/Hypo

Updated: March 27, 2024
Pairing was Leopard Ultramel (pure Burgundy line) x Super Chocolate Butter Hypo
United States
Unique I.D.
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No Trades
CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
I started GOT BALLS? in 2010, with my focus on keeping and breeding a modest collection of quality morphs. I have worked in the veterinary field for over 30 years , which has given me the experience and knowledge to excel in doing what I love. I also breed my own rodents, so be assured that my Balls also receive the highest quality of diets. Love to talk snakes, so please feel free to ask questions! Customer Service is of the utmost importance and I am available anytime to help you find your next addition to our BP addiction:)
GOT BALLS? Store Policy
Animals are guaranteed to arrive to Buyer alive and in good health.Seller guarantees the animal is shipped out in a healthy state and shipped according to Fedex rules and regulations. Buyer is responsible for animal injury or loss if Buyer fails to pickup animal within 8 hours of hub delivery. DOA claims must be made within 2 hours of pickup from Fedex hub. DOA’s are extremely rare and we take every available precaution to deliver you a healthy, well packed animal!If the animal is shown to be sick within 24 hours of delivery, as proven by the Buyer with photos and videos as needed, Seller is responsible for refund or replacement.Because of increasing complexity of Ball Python combos, we cannot 100% guarantee accuracy of Incomplete Dominate genes in these animals. Hets and correct gender are always 100% guaranteed.Payment Plans/Deposits/Cancellations - Animals may be reserved with a 20% deposit. All deposits and payments are non-refundable unless I cannot provide the animal you reserved. If you enter into a payment plan and are unable to fulfill your obligation, you forfeit any payments that have been made. Payment plans can be 30-90 days, dependent on the cost of the animal. Please contact me directly to inquire about payment plans. I accept Square, Zelle & Apple Pay.Shipping is done thru SYR or Redline Shipping, weather permitting and at this time, to Fedex hubs only. I ship Tues-Thurs only. Shipping is a flat rate of $60 for animals under $1,000. Animals $1,000 and above, will ship for free. I also offer multi animal purchase discounts.Texting is the quickest way to reach me. 540-247-7277.