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Extreme line Hypo female. Very well established and eating frozen/thawed large fuzzy mice. Both parents are visual extreme which were produced by Brad McCarthy.+ shipping from California to your hub. Please read: due to the uptick of scammers and charge backs. I am not accepting PayPal goods and services. Only PayPal F&F. Venmo F&F, or Zelle. My reputation of 20+ years in Herpetculture, breeding selling, and A+ packaging speaks for itself.
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About Infrared Reptiles
Infrared Reptiles is a keeping and breeding operation by Kayla Martin, focusing on Honduran Milksnakes and a variety of other colubrids.
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Terms & Conditions: -All hatchlings are feeding on f/t pinkies and have ate a minimum of 5 consecutive times unless otherwise noted. -Shipping is calculated to your zipcode and based off the weight and size of the box needed. Animals are not considered sold until payment is received! -All packages are packed carefully and appropriately in insulated boxes, clearly labeled and includes a heat or cool pack when needed. -I guarantee live arrival only if delivery is completed on the first attempt. I am not responsible for carrier delays or acts of nature. -If your delivery zone is rural and delivery time is up to 4pm, holding at the hub for package pick up may be necessary. If your morning temps are above 90f, or below 50f, the package must be held at local hub for pick up. All packages MUST have someone home for a signature or the carrier will not leave the box. - DOA's must be reported within 2 hours of delivery. Photo or video proof of DOA's are required. -I have a conditional 7 day health guarantee. Any liability on my part ends after the 7th day. If I suspect neglect or improper care all guarantees are null and void at my discretion. - Sexing is not 100% guaranteed, unless a proven breeder. I do not probe baby snakes. Sexing on babies is done by popping. -I do not offer refunds or exchanges. - ALL ALL SALES ARE FINAL -Placing animals on hold- I operate strictly on a first paid first served basis. I only accept payment plans on some high-end species or individuals who are not yet established feeders. Deposits will be returned if something happens to the animal or if the animal is not feeding within a reasonable time while in my care. However, deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind. -Payment plans are made with my decretion, 50% nonrefundable down, the remaining 50% plus shipping cost are due within 30 days. No discounts or sale prices apply to payment plans. - I accept Venmo, Zelle, PayPal f&f. I am no longer accepting goods and services. -By sending payment you agree to these terms and conditions. Failure to read this does not exempt you from said terms and conditions.Thank you Infrared Reptiles (Kayla Martin)