Pos Super Hypo Jungle 100% het Kahl albino 50% het PK stripe line 50% PH Blood

by Jm_Wildlife_Arc
Updated: June 10, 2024
Pairing was a 2017 0.1 PK Stripe line Sunglow produced by Shane Kinney from a Kahl striped albino x Tom Burke Lipstick Line Hypo Motley het Kahl albino. Born on 04/17/17 x 2021 1.0 Super Hypo Jungle 100% het Kahl albino 66% het blood produced by Snake Country from a Hypo Aztec DH Blood Kahl albino x Hypo Jungle DH Blood Kahl albino. Born on 06/25/21.All babies from this litter are possible Super Hypo and possible Jungle along with possible het for blood. Would make a fantastic addition to any Kahl project as these babies are only going to gain more color as they age. They would make fantastic pets as well as I do handle them regularly so they’re all very friendly and use to being handled. The dam and sire are also very friendly and use to being handled.
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About Jm_Wildlife_Arc
My name is Janessa Mosley and I have experience working with Central American boas since June of 2021. I have over ten years of experience working with various animals and reptiles as I truly love and have a passion for learning about and working with animals. I put my first pairing together October 2023 and had my first ever litter on May 11th 2024. My overall goal is to produce healthy, and high quality Central American and Nicaraguan boas along with continuing to learn information about them. I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with boas to anyone interested as I enjoy learning and sharing information. This includes overall health, care, heat, humidity, space, husbandry, substrate, enclosure, and overall proper care for Central American and Nicaraguan boas. My focus is producing healthy and high quality boas and goal is to produce high quality morphs such as Jungle, PK Stripe Line, Kahl Albino, Sunglow, Junglow, Hypo, Super Hypo, RC Pastel, Blood, IMG, Red Dragon, Sun Dragon, and more to come. I can guarantee the health and genetics of all my boas and am happy to answer questions at anytime. I will ensure any boa in my care is healthy prior to being listed. Almost all my breeding boas come from well known breeders such as Vin Russo, Richard Ceniceros, Snake Country, Shane Kinney, Steve Reiners at BoaMorph, and Troy Lee’s Reptiles. You’re more than welcome to check out my boas and their enclosures on my Instagram page at jm_wildlife_arc or my Facebook page at Jm-Wildlife-Arc
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I do accept payment plans. I ask a 25% non refundable deposit and I will keep your boa until the remaining payment has been made. I guarantee all boas are healthy before going into their new home. I can deliver anywhere within California or Boas will be shipped with Redline Shipping at FedEx to your closest FedEx hub or ship center that will accept live reptile shipments to be held for pickup. I guarantee any and all boas I ship will be alive and healthy upon pickup. Shipping within the USA only. I ONLY ship when weather permits.