'23 Pied Bloodred

This gorgeous male is growing quickly. He is feeding readily on F/T fuzzy mice. He has a great personality and is a joy to handle. He will make for a great pet and/or future breeder.
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Deceased animal/s must be kept for further instructions and verification.Replacements: Please be certain about your decision prior to purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours for "Potential" replacement, additional shipping will be at the buyers expense. If the buyer receives a DOA(dead on arrival), "Store Credit" will be given as replacement. For cash compensation please read about optional insurance.Genetics: Genetics are 100% guaranteed for animals sold by Kaptive Bred Beauties. Animal/s listed as possible gene/s or possible Het/s for a gene are not guaranteed.Health: We guarantee that all animal/s are healthy at the time of sale. Kaptive Bred Beauties is not responsible for any veterinary expenses or costs incurred by the buyer for any animal/s. If you bring any animal/s to a veterinarian, you do so at your own expense.Feeding: We guarantee all animals are feeding at the time of sale "UNLESS NOTED". 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