Solomons Island Tree Boas

by L.S.D. eXotix
Updated: May 24, 2024
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2 adult Solomon Island Tree Boas, both are well established in captivity. Female is around 4.5 foot male is around 3ft. They have been treated for parasite load, and have been in my care for over 3 years now. 350 for the pair. Will not seperate Sold as pair only!
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LTC (Long-Term Captive)
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Welcome to the L.S.D.exotix family...Lily, Stephanie & DerekI've been working with animals from an early age. I moved into breeding in 2017 and since then have acquired 14 species of serpent that we work with daily. I do rotations on breeding the species so we will usually have something different from time to time. We produce investment quality animals. Whether it's your child's first pet, or yours. Maybe you're inspired to become a new breeder, or just a collector. We will gladly help guide you into this new journey.Thank you and we hope to speak with you soon!
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Our store policy is pretty simple.We do arrange payment plans for folks and even do extended payment plans and we do this because not everyone can afford to throw down that much cash on some of these higher value morphs.We do 25% down on the animal(s) of choice. Payment arrangements can and should be discussed at this time or prior to deposit. Once payment(s) are done, we will ship weather permitting....with weather conditions I usually always cover this when I speak with you upfront during payment. We ship with Reptiles2You on Tuesday and Wednesday for next day pickup at shipping hub, if you require home delivery that can be set up, but again we monitor weather conditions to make sure conditions are favorable and safe.If you are to recieve an animal that has expired during transport you must contact within an hour of pick-up, we monitor the tracking number so we know when it's picked up and I usually require a confirmation via phone call once animal arrives in your hands. Just our way to make sure all is good and you are happy!Animal pictured is animal you will get. We do local pick-up/drop-off...sorry closed facility to public.