Orangasm Pastel Motley 66% DH Lipstick Albino and Leopard/Eclipse

by Promethean Exotics
Updated: April 24, 2024
Mom is an Orangasm Pastel Motley DH Lipstick Albino and Leopard/Eclipse and dad is a Hypo DH Kahl Albino and Leopard. This girl was born in-house 6/27/22 and is doing great. Price includes shipping. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
United States
Unique I.D.
Year Produced
No Trades
CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
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Shipping Policy: All animals are shipped through Fedex overnight. All shipments will be to your closest hub to insure the health and safety of every animal.Forms of Payment: Paypal, Zelle, cashapp, Venmo, no checks.Payment Plans: I'm pretty open to payment plans just nothing crazy. 20% down (non-refundable deposit) with the balance to be paid off within the agreed time frame.

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