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Updated: May 7, 2024
Traits: Biak
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Ive had this snake for 7 months. It's feeding great and healthy! REPTILEMARTUSA.COM 599.99 shipped!
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Hello! My name is Keven! I own Reptile Mart. I have been raising, caring for and selling reptiles for over 25 years! I absolutely love this hobby!
Reptile Mart Store Policy
1) All reptiles come with a 7 day warranty unless otherwise stated! If a reptile dies within the 7 day period I will need pictures of the reptile and of the whole enclosure. 2)) I ship thru ups and all reptiles are shipped over night! If upon arrival you do not want the reptile for any reason just call me up tell me and I will send a label to ship the reptile back! You have 2 hours after delivery to tell me you do not want the reptile. Once I get the reptile back I will issue a full refund including shipping! 3) I accept zelle, cash app or I can send an invoice from my credit card machine to accept payment! There is no extra fees for zelle and cash up. There is a 4 percent charge if I send an invoice from my credit card machine! 4) My phone is always on and there is never a time you can not call or text me! I literally work day and night! 5) when having a reptile held at the hub it has to be a ups customer care center! I can not ship to a fed ex hub!