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Savage Constrictors
Florida, USA
Store Policy

Terms & Conditions

We guarantee live delivery as long as someone is available to sign for the snake. If there are any problems with the snake we must be notified within 48 hours. In the event that we need to replace a snake we will either issue a credit for the value or send a similar replacement at our discretion. All animals are perfect in every respect upon shipping. Though we are happy to help with any care issues you may have (feeding, breeding etc) we make no guarantee beyond live arrival of a healthy animal.

Snakes are sold on a first come first serve basis but we will generally hold a snake for 24 hours on good faith. To hold the snake for longer than this we require a 25% non-refundable deposit. Until we receive payment, we can not hold any animal for more than 24 hours.

Payment Plans
We offer a 30 day payment plan for the convenience of our customers for any animal with a value of $1000.00 or more. . Payment plans require a 25% deposit and payment in full within 30 days. Whether you make a payment every week or payment in full at the end of 30 days is up to you. If payment in full is not made within 30 days then we reserve the right to put the snake back up for sale. Should the snake sell before we receive payment, your previous funds will be issued as a credit towards the purchase of any other available snake in our inventory. If you require a longer payment plan please contact us.

All deposits are non-refundable unless we are unable to deliver the snake through no fault of your own.

The Ball Python market is constantly fluctuating so prices are subject to change without notice.

Under no circumstances will we ship a snake without payment in full. If you choose to pay via check, money order or PayPal e-check, we can not ship until the payment has cleared our bank. We accept cash, check, money order, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

We ship via FedEx Overnight which guarantees next day delivery by 10:30am to most areas. We use brand new heavily insulated boxes and ice packs or heat packs as needed. Snakes will only be shipped weather permitting. If the snake is dead on arrival we must be notified immediately. We offer a flat rate shipping price of $65.


Due to the complexity of the genes that we work with, genetics are not always guaranteed. Each animals ID is done to the best of our ability, but with certain genes, it can be very difficult to identify all of them.

Recessives; our animals that are labeled as 100% het are a guarantee on our end, possible hets you are purchasing at your own risk. Pairing 100% het animals to non-visuals are also your own decision and may not produce the visual.