Here you have a chance to purchase a baby Snow or Paradox Snow sand boa at a very low price. Eating live small to fuzzy mice. There body weight is from 15-30 grams. If you need a male or female please let me know what sex you want and I will get you the right sex. Note the animal you see may not be the animal you get but very similar to what is pictured and price is per sand boa. Shipping is $65 flat rate domestically if you buy up to 4 shipping will be the same. ** If you are interested in an animal please pay in full or put a deposit (minimum of 50%) we are not able to put them on hold without a deposit. **We only ship to Fedex Hub Centers to guarantee live arrival**. We try to avoid shipping to residential location to avoid complication with the delivery it is best to deliver to a Fedex Hub and you pick up in person. **In the event you want an animal shipped to your door you forfit the live arrival guarantee.**I will only hold an animal for a month or until it is safe to ship in regards to weather conditions. You can pay thru Zelle or PayPal Friends and family if you use regular PayPal a 3.5 % fee will be added to the entire bill. Use my email for payment If you have any questions please email me or call me. Thanks for your interest.