‘23 CBB Leucistic Monocled Cobras

by The Rat Trap
Updated: April 8, 2024
Traits: Cobras
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3.3 ‘23 CBB Jolliff Leucistic Monocled Cobras - Naja kaouthia - pure white with black eyes and pupils that reflect dark red!! $1,000/ea or $1,125 shipped via air cargo to an airport near you. Text or leave a message
United States
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CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
About The Rat Trap
Captive propagation is our main focus with an emphasis on pattern or color mutations. At this moment, our collection mainly consists of Ball Pythons & Monocled Cobras but we do have a few Copperhead & Cottonmouth projects we are working with as well as a pair of Caramel (T+) Albino Burmese Pythons. We breed our own rodents to assure the highest quality food but also produce pet quality fancy rats. We also breed Fainting Goats so inquire if you’re interested.
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Deposits & “Holding” Animals - payment plans are accepted with a 25% nonrefundable deposit IF we can come to agreeable terms on the payment(s) for the balance owed. Payments made go towards the deposit until the balance is paid. Animals do not leave until they are paid for in full. If we are unable to supply the animal purchased, a full refund will be given. Inquire about the possibility of picking up an animal in person or at one of the many shows we do.Live Arrival Guarantee Any and all animals are guaranteed to arrive alive, in good health, and correctly sexed. Immediate notification is required if you are not satisfied for any reason. Animals will only be shipped within the appropriate range of temperatures on both the shipping and receiving ends. Unless we can meet for local pick up or at one of the shows we do, Venomous shipped via air freight cargo to your local airport ONLY!!!Cash, Zelle, & CashApp are preferred methods of payment but we do accept Venmo & PayPal as last resort methods