2022 Purple Sharp Sunglow Male

This litter was produced by breeding a purple sunglow male x hypo 100% het purple sharp (Super). Every shed, every meal, every day I pull tubs on this litter I am blown away. Their colors are so saturated in the visuals and the hypos it’s incredible and only getting better. The adults are second generation purples from my originally imported animals.
United States
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No Trades
CBB (Captive Bred and Born)
About Tree House Reptiles
Get your reptiles from the Tree House! I have been collecting, breeding and working with reptiles for the better part of a decade. I have focused my projects into Coral Kahl and Purple Sharp in my Boa Imperators. I dabble in other areas, some pythons and arboreal boas.Please let me know if you have any questions about any of my animals for sale or otherwise. Thanks for looking!!
Tree House Reptiles Store Policy
Shipping Policy: All animals are shipped through Fedex through reptilesexpress.com. For now, all shipments will be to your closest hub to insure the health and safety of every animal. I will work to come to a mutually agreed upon ship date.Return Policy: None. I do not guarantee any returns, but if you have an issue with something I have sold you, I will work very hard to make sure you are a satisfied customer.Forms of Payment: Paypal, CC, cashapp, Venmo, no checks.Payment Plans: Orders totaling $1000 or more will be eligible for payment plans. 20% down (non-refundable deposit) with the balance to be paid off in 90 days from the day the deposit is made. If you have a special request for payment plan terms, feel free to ask, the worst I can say is no, or come back with a counter.