Conduct Policy

Find Your Reptiles Conduct Policy

Find Your Reptiles has been created to provide buyers and sellers, hobbyists and professionals the tools they need to be successful. Just like every other facet of life, there are some rules. By accessing this site and/or creating an account you are agreeing to follow all rules set hereto forth. Please also refer to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further explanation and additional guidelines that must be followed.

As a last resort, we (agents of Find Your Reptile) reserve the right to bar individuals and businesses from having access to this site and removal of all information and media posted by the individual or business.

We reserve the right to change this document or alter any of the rules contained within at any time for any reason.

FYR refers to Find Your Reptiles or

General Rules and Regulations

All Users of the FYR platform must refrain from doing anything illegal on the platform or using the platform to break any Federal, State or Local laws.

Users are encouraged to conduct themselves with a level of professionalism and civility. Nudity, racism, and hate are on the short list of things that will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate removal from the platform.

All Users are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the FYR team immediately. If you see something, say something.

Represent yourself and your goods and services with accuracy and integrity.

FYR shall not be held accountable or be responsible for any content created by a user on any part of the platform.

Store and User Accounts

All Users of FYR must be 18 years of age. No exceptions. When registering for any account you will be asked to agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have read the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and this document, the Conduct Policy.

All Accounts will be considered unverified until the user verifies the account. In order for the account to become verified the user or business must provide proof of who they are. This is accomplished by providing a “selfie” with your (the user’s) face and government issued ID. Feel free to redact any non-pertinent information from the ID. The first and last names must match with the information provided on the account. Once these steps are completed, FYR will review the information and “Verify” the account. Accounts that have been verified will display a green check next to their Username/Store Name.

Free accounts are prohibited from posting anything for sale. Paid accounts are prohibited from posting anything for sale outside of the marketplace. Any posts in the social areas of the site that are found to be selling a good or service will be removed. Repeat offenders will also be removed from the platform.

Representation of Goods and Services

Items, Animals and Services that are listed in the marketplace must represent the actual item in real life.

FYR reserves the right to remove any content, listings, or accounts that have been found to be violating any type of copyright and trademarks.

Individuals, Businesses and Disputes

Disputes will be handled between the individual and the business, or the financial institutions of each party involved.

FYR does not guarantee any sale and is released of any liability resulting in anything that occurs on the site. Financial disputes should be handled between the buyer, seller and their financial institutions. Know your banking and credit card rules and regulations regarding live animal sales.

User Privacy and Account Information

Any information obtained by the Buyer, Sellers, or any user about another user on the platform is only to be used for the purpose of conducting business within the platform.

Photos, Videos, Memes, Content
All content must be professional and must obey copyright ownership as well as all federal, state and local laws.

Nudity is not permitted on any part of the site at anytime for any reason. Except reptile nudity, they don’t wear clothes, so…

Federal, State and Local Laws and Ordinances

It is the user’s sole responsibility to obey and abide by any Federal, State and Local law or ordinance that they are subject to. FYR will not moderate or be responsible for any sales that violate any laws.

If any user is found to be selling an endangered animal, or any animal that is federally prohibited on the platform, they will be removed.

Know your laws and don’t break them!