Ghost Mack Snow Tremper Eclipse

Ghost Mack Snow Tremper EclipseFemaleCB2023
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Driu's Lab of Colossus Eubles Store Policy
•We are able to export animals anywhere in the world (through an exporter- DDI, Northern Lights Reptil Import, Colubra, S&D Critters- Contact them to find out which one is best for your needs). If it is legal for you to receive animals in your country, we can ship to you. We have a live arrival guarantee and a 15 days health guarantee for all the animals we sell.•Live arrival guaranteed or else refund will be issued. If you notice something wrong or unusual when you receive your animals, contact us right away so we can guide you and figure out the next step. We take every precaution to make sure our animals arrive happy and healthy, if for some reason the animal arrives deceased you must call or text us.•Refunds will only be issued in the amount of the animal, not the shipping fee.•We do not guarantee sex on temperature sexed animals. Since animals change appearance as they mature we do not guarantee the final appearance of the animal/color or pattern. We do not guarantee an animals personality since all are different, their lifespan, ability to reproduce or tail loss during shipping.•All animals are photographed with a digital camera and available light source to represent their colors as accurately as possible; however, colors captured with my instruments and displayed on your screen may or may not be completely accurate to the actual colors in person.•Customer must be present to receive the package ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT otherwise the guarantee is no longer in effect.•Payments are accepted through PayPal, Bizum, Bank transfer or cash if we go to the show.•Payment plans are available, Payment Plans are welcome on orders over 150€! We require a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold the animal. Your order will be shipped out once your purchase is PAID IN FULL. If within 30 days the gecko isn’t totally paid, and/or no other deposit arrangements are discussed and agreed by both parties, we reserve our right to offer him for sale again.•Every gecko reserved and to be delivered at a show must be fully paid 1 week before the month the exposition takes place.•We deliver to Hamm and Houten show. Through both shows we can also deliver worldwide and in many cases to your doorstep. At times we might be able to deliver to other shows too. Send us a message, we’ll be happy to look into it.•If payment is PENDING, we will wait until your transaction clears before sending out your animal.For more detailed information about shipping prices and our current shipping agenda, contact us through any of the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, MorphmarketEvery gecko bred by Driu's Lab of Colossu Eubles can be accompanied by an ID file (name, i don't like numbers...too impersonal), photos of their evolution, morph, weight, parents morph plus other valuable information such as date of hatching, Tª of incubation, etc...if you want to know anything let us know and we’ll tell you.If you’re proceeding to acquire a gecko from us, it’s assumed that you’ve fully read, understood, and agreed with these terms.